Friday, April 24, 2015

Flying to Portugal

Hei guys! Two days ago Gabriel took a plane for the first time! He is 11 weeks old! It's crazy when I think I took my first plane when I was 14 years old!! In any case everything went very well :-) Gabriel slept aaaalll along the flight. Since when we arrived it has been a lot of family and friends visits. Everything is new and the baby was a bit "lost" but now it seems like he's getting used to all those new faces :-) I think it's good for him to get used to changes since now. Those are a big part of our life and being able to adapte easily to new situations it'a definitly a plus that it's gonna help him through life! We went for a panoramic walk in Alvor all along a river and the sea! It was amazing! Have a look!
Xoxo elisir

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