Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fringed even in bikini! And how to rock it on the beach after pregnancy!

Hello guys!
Since I am on holiday I am going to share with you my bikinis collection! 

Actually I bought three or four models this year. Last year I didn't buy any because I was pregnant during summer, while this summer I am breastfeeding which means none of my previous bikinis really fits. I bought tighter sizes for the breasts anyway so I can use my new bikinis next year as well!
It's amazing to discover how much a woman body can change during life. January this year I was with a huge belly and 11kilos plus, my baby decided to chill there for 42 weeks while I was feeling I would have had that huge belly forever. I went throw a c-section and my body will always carry that scar. Love and life come throw pain. It's really interesting from a philosophical point of view.

Anyhow Me and other friends that have had babies recently, we were discussing which kind of summer bikinis are the best. My advices are:
- if you have had a c-section check that the panty is not too low. Most of them should fit without any problem, but have a double look in any case
- if you are breastfeeding don't get any rigid/copped bra. It's just too hard to handle when it comes to taking your brests out and hiding by indiscreet eyes
- enjoy triangles and costume bands while you are carrying your "natural milk shop" around. They will fit you has never before
- a bit of belly left? Get a swimsuit. You can find many amazing models, in millions of colors and shapes. And they are very trendy!
- a cool option is the trikini :) I am wondering about getting one!

The extra kilos? Looking after your baby and training will take you back to your original shape! More or eh! I train a lot and I walk even more every day. I am against any diet and I eat really a loooot, specially on holidays. Then remember some says it will take the same 9months to really be as before. 
In any case I am the greater sustainer of "how to have a beach body? 1) have a body 2) go to the beach"!

In this pics I am featuring an Oysho fringed model. It's the same I used for the outfit I designed in the post Black Beach. Go and have a look!
Have a great day by a trendy beach girl!

Xoxo Elisir


  1. i would never have guessed u have a child =D u have a killer body doll.
    mi piace tantissimo questo look

  2. Love this fringe bikini, it looks great on you

  3. Ladies thank you so much! You are too nice! :) the bikini is very cool and it fits the body very well! And it' s super trendy! Xoxo :*


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