Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Back to Oslo. Van Gogh and a bit of philosophy

Hello everybody!
After a splendid vacation back home, I headed back to Oslo a couple of days ago :-) The flight went smooth (no middle-stops in third countries. ..ehehe!!!) and Gabriel slept all along the flight so I even had the chance to read the magazine Glamour Italia! !!! Hihi! It sounds crazy but when u have a small baby even to read a magazine becames challenging!
Anyhow...as I said many times it was a long time I wasn't going back home and I have to admit that I didn't think about it but I was really homesick. So it wad actually amazing to have the chance to spend some time with family and friends.
In Oslo the weather wasn't helping my mood and I actually felt a bit down. I found myself realizing again that the happiest people are probably those that are able to quickly adapte to different situations accepting life's changes. When you get stuck in the past or in the trap of the "what if", that's the time you stop enjoying what you have. Sometimes it's hard to focus and to keep the mind down to heart with myself but I am really always doing efforts to improve my peace of mind!
So here I am back to Oslo and let's get the best out of it! This place offers always a lot despite the weather!
The steps we did to keep up the mood yesterday:
- We have got the visit of a dear friend
- We went to Van Gogh + Munch art exibition at Munch Museet! I recommend it if you are around Oslo until September. Gabriel have been to his first art exibition and he's not even 4 months old! :-)
- We bought plenty of vegetales and fruits in Grønland
- We made a nice dinner, got an HBO account and watched two episodes of Game of Thrones
How do i feel today?! Muuuuch better!!!!! :-)
My family is the sun of my days!

Monday, May 25, 2015

# Day 3 in Milano. The suede shorts

Hello guys!
I know I came back to Oslo but I am gonna public an outfit I was wearing in Milano. At least to keep in mind the sunny days I left behind me!
Summeeeer!!!! When are you coming to Oslo?!?!?!?! We need you here as well!
SHIRT BENETTON (last season)
SANDALS (vintage-no brand)
xoxo elisir

Friday, May 22, 2015

A WEEKDAY in the park

Hey guys!
Few days ago just before I left to Milan me and my family we spent such a great day all together! :-) Starting with a super tasty lunch at ASIA in Aker Brygge we decided to have a walk at Ekeberg parken. I love that place! With all the modern art sculptures spread around the forest everything is so mystic! We have been playing around and we took many nice pics! I mean, my "photographer" did!!! Hihi!
If you have the chance to visit Oslo, you should definitly have a walk in this park.
I didn't think about that but I was dressed almost from top to toe by
I love the contrast of color of my minth long coat and my blue t-shirt!
The denim pants middle high waist are as well by WEEKDAY.
Xoxo elisir

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

# Day 2 Milano. My evergreen

Hello everybody!
Look what I found this time in my Milano wardrobe!!! My flower silk dress! I bought it years ago and it's still so beautiful and actual! I use to say that is one of my evergreen!
Ther's something special about having clothes spread on different countries and it's that everytime I reach one of my "homes", jumping inside one of my wardrobe it's like jumping inside someone else closet! Since I forget what I have here and there, my research is full of surprises and discovers. Many times I find myself laughing and thinking "how could I wear something like this?!?!" But many other times it's just so nice to wear a piece I was in love with time ago :-)
The truth is I believe I have a different style depending on where I am at the moment!
More fun for me feeling like a child again looking inside my mother's closet!

DRESS ETHIC (older collection)
SANDALS ZARA (older collection)

Xoxo elisir

Monday, May 18, 2015

#1 Day one Milano. Chic in the park

Hei guys!
How are you?! I am having such a great time in Milan! It's so nice to be back home after a long time! Of course we are having a lot of visits cause of Gabriel so I have to be a master in combining all the appointments but so far it hasn't been stressful. I feel just so happy of seeing everybody!
The first day I went for a walk with my sister and my mom at Porta Venezia Gardens. I used to go there as a child and now I go there with my son...life is brilliant! I love it! 
With my sister I had the time of shooting some pics at the park! And fooling around a bit! Eheh!
I was wearing a black jacket and silk green pants with a dark gray top!
The combo was very chic!
Have a look!
Xoxo elisir


Saturday, May 16, 2015

The scary flight to Milan!

Hei guys!
For the first time in my life yesterday I cried on a plane!
So...how did it go? I decided to finally fly home after many many many months I couldn't fly back and of course I fly alone with the baby for the first time! SoTypical... Actually everything went very well until we arrived over Malpensa. We get into a black cloud and there I swear I tought we were going down...The weather was sooo bad...I even said "oh my God! Gabriel! !!" I was grabbing him and the chair I was sitting in and the one in front of me with my legs, I was like an octopus and this aircraft bouncing like a little leave in the blowing wind...when we went out of the cloud I cried!!!! My God! And I am not scared of flying! !!! Then the plane went around Malpensa but the airport there got closed and dued to the fuel running out we had to fly to Nice!!!! In France!!!! I was worried about the case we had to stay there over night since I was alone with Gabriel but after one hour we flew back to Milano. It took 8 hours to get home!
But there we are! Safe and sound home! Such a good feeling after so long!
Both Nonna and Gabriel are wearing Zara
Xoxo elisir

Thursday, May 14, 2015

In my mind

Hey guys! A couple of days ago I finally had the chance to hang around with a super cool friend of mine that is studying abroad! She's almost done with her interior design school and she's gonna be back in Oslo soooon! :-) the amazing thing with her is that I always discover new things, new places, new ideas! A simple example: I found out in Oslo there's an intire mal dedicated to interiors! How cool is that?!? Of course we passed by one of mine favourite stores YME and I found the sneakers I am gonna buy for this autumn! The NIKE AIR FORCE 1 !
How do you like them?!
Ah, Gabriel is already a rapper!!! Ahahaha!!!
Xoxo elisir

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What my skin wears

Hello guys!
If you are wondering how to keep and make your skin look always fresh I have some tips for you!
Trust me, my baby keeps me awake still quite often during the nights and that is the biggest challenge for my skin right now!

How to keep a fresh look:
- Try to sleep as much as possible (even if you have kids! It`s very hard for me but I try to!)
- Eat green! Make yourself a lot of fruits and vegetables smoothies!
- Go to the gym and train a lot! Even walks help a lot if you don`t have the time to go to the gym! While you are training and sleeping your skin renew its oxygen  and keeps a young glow!
- Clean your skin every morning and remove the make up every evening
- Use some good products!

At the moment, because of my lack of sleep at nights, every morning and evening before the usual day and night cream, I apply the fortifying anti-age repair serum by KIKO. It`s amazing! It strengthens the support structure of the skin thanks to the technology contained in the K2 age-rescue that can re-densify the skin.
The 3D contour cream eyes and lips can not be missing of course!

Anti Age - Serum
Eyes Rescue
Hope my tips will help you. But remember a SMILE is always the best you you can wear to look splendid!!!!!! :*

Xoxo elisir
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