Saturday, May 16, 2015

The scary flight to Milan!

Hei guys!
For the first time in my life yesterday I cried on a plane! did it go? I decided to finally fly home after many many many months I couldn't fly back and of course I fly alone with the baby for the first time! SoTypical... Actually everything went very well until we arrived over Malpensa. We get into a black cloud and there I swear I tought we were going down...The weather was sooo bad...I even said "oh my God! Gabriel! !!" I was grabbing him and the chair I was sitting in and the one in front of me with my legs, I was like an octopus and this aircraft bouncing like a little leave in the blowing wind...when we went out of the cloud I cried!!!! My God! And I am not scared of flying! !!! Then the plane went around Malpensa but the airport there got closed and dued to the fuel running out we had to fly to Nice!!!! In France!!!! I was worried about the case we had to stay there over night since I was alone with Gabriel but after one hour we flew back to Milano. It took 8 hours to get home!
But there we are! Safe and sound home! Such a good feeling after so long!
Both Nonna and Gabriel are wearing Zara
Xoxo elisir

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