Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Memories from Portugal

I cannot believe I am already packing! Those three weeks just flew by so fast...too fast! Unbelievable! I thought I would have got tired of being away...but nope! Eheh!
Well, good things have an end, and in this trip I enjoyed a lot my family and the company of many nice people around me and my boyfriend! We have had a great time and we leave Portugal with the desire of coming back!

Here I made a moodboard inspired by those holidays and this beautiful place that is Algarve! I hope to give you a hint of what is here!
Flying tomorrow, talk to you soon!
Xoxo Elisa 

Memories from Portugal

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer trend: Belfie and other bikinis

Hello beloved!
I am so sorry it's some days I don't write but I had some rough time! Sometimes I wish someone invented a machine that could read the mind and transfer the thoughts into a blog post! Eheh! 

Going back to us, what happened is that the other day I fell from the stairs with my baby at my have no idea how scared I have got! We ended up to the hospital! Luckily nobody got hurt but how scared I got it's hard to explain! Gabriel, my baby is amazing. At the hospital he was just laughing and flirting with the blond doctor...! And me and my boyfriend we were saying to him: "sssh, Lindo, you are supposed to be sick here!" Impossible not to laugh! Thank god nobody got hurt, just some little black marks around our bodies!

Aaaand, going back to fashion and trends...apparently one of the biggest trend between the Vip entourage this summer is the Belfie! Which is a selfie of your B-side! You didn't shoot one yet!?!?! Too bad! Ahahahah! Don't be shy and get updated to the "fashion" flow! Anyway you can find many worst images on the Internet nowadays and I mean not just there! So everything's cool as long as you keep your panties on!!!

Here I am wearing a fantastic band bikini by Oysho! I love the brand, I have got many nice products there this summer! Have a look!
And a great day!
Xoxo Elisir 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fringed even in bikini! And how to rock it on the beach after pregnancy!

Hello guys!
Since I am on holiday I am going to share with you my bikinis collection! 

Actually I bought three or four models this year. Last year I didn't buy any because I was pregnant during summer, while this summer I am breastfeeding which means none of my previous bikinis really fits. I bought tighter sizes for the breasts anyway so I can use my new bikinis next year as well!
It's amazing to discover how much a woman body can change during life. January this year I was with a huge belly and 11kilos plus, my baby decided to chill there for 42 weeks while I was feeling I would have had that huge belly forever. I went throw a c-section and my body will always carry that scar. Love and life come throw pain. It's really interesting from a philosophical point of view.

Anyhow Me and other friends that have had babies recently, we were discussing which kind of summer bikinis are the best. My advices are:
- if you have had a c-section check that the panty is not too low. Most of them should fit without any problem, but have a double look in any case
- if you are breastfeeding don't get any rigid/copped bra. It's just too hard to handle when it comes to taking your brests out and hiding by indiscreet eyes
- enjoy triangles and costume bands while you are carrying your "natural milk shop" around. They will fit you has never before
- a bit of belly left? Get a swimsuit. You can find many amazing models, in millions of colors and shapes. And they are very trendy!
- a cool option is the trikini :) I am wondering about getting one!

The extra kilos? Looking after your baby and training will take you back to your original shape! More or eh! I train a lot and I walk even more every day. I am against any diet and I eat really a loooot, specially on holidays. Then remember some says it will take the same 9months to really be as before. 
In any case I am the greater sustainer of "how to have a beach body? 1) have a body 2) go to the beach"!

In this pics I am featuring an Oysho fringed model. It's the same I used for the outfit I designed in the post Black Beach. Go and have a look!
Have a great day by a trendy beach girl!

Xoxo Elisir

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Classy

Untitled #7

Hello my dearest! I am sorry I am posting another designed outfit by me, but I fell in love with Polyvore! I feel like a fashion editor and I just think it's so much fun to work with it!
I hope you like my creations and I hope my outfits are inspiring to you!
What do you think about that? What do you think about those outfit I create?
Please let me know! I wish you all a super nice day!
Xoxo Elisa

Giuseppe zanotti flat
€1.670 -

Dareen Hakim grey handbag
€240 -

18k gold jewelry
€4.425 -

Gemvara gem jewelry
€1.690 -

Victoria Beckham green sunglasses
€480 -

Maybelline lipstick
€4.605 -

Prada spray perfume
€63 -

Monday, July 20, 2015

Black beach

Black beach

Hello guys!
I designed this set imagining a classy day at the beach!
Just figure yourself wearing those amazing outfits in the most exclusive summer spots!
Hope you like it!
Xoxo Elisir

Balmain black top
€395 -

Lanvin black sheer top
€180 -

Philipp Plein shorts
€485 -

ALDO strap sandals
€28 -

Woven handbag
€56 -

Chanel black jewelry
€545 -

D-ID mirrored lens sunglasses
€545 -

Eugenia Kim hat
€365 -

Tory Burch peony perfume
€78 -

Nails Inc nail polish
€64 -

Metal wall art
€12 -

TTYA cotton beach towel

Laziness, summer holidays and family time

Hello my friends!
A quick update from my holidays! First of all forgive the fact that in those days I am not posting so often but I have been busy enjoying my summer holidays! Eheh! Portugal is amazing and more amazing has been having my family here to share beautiful moments with! I am always thinking about writing and writing the blog in my mind but physically it's harder when it comes to combine big family meetings, visits of friends, all the attentions that my baby needs and my fingers typing on an iPad! Those with family will understand for sure! The best is going around all fashion with a Peppa Pig popping out of my bag! Ahaha! Traveling with kids is amazing but challenging at the same time. With my son so young we went to No Solo Agua in Praia da Rocha quite often. I love that spot, if you have kids I recommend it, and even if you don' t have kids! Salty water swimming pool, oyster bar inside the water, restaurant, DJs, restaurant, bar, and those amazing beds where you can lay and chill looking at the fantastic panorama towards Ferragudo. What else is better to really relax?
Curious? Have a look!
Xoxo Elisir 

Curious  about who's Peppa Pig? That's my son favourite at the moment!

Have a wonderful day!
Xoxo Elisir 
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