Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The carousel of my life

Hey guys, readers, fellas and friends!
I can't believe I did it! I finally finished to pack my luggages! OOooh my...no idea how much it's hard to me to do that...it's stronger than me...I can not stand it! I mean it's ok if I am leaving for a week end but when it comes to travelling for 3 weeks...I always feel I am gonna forget something (as if I am going to the jungle...ahah!) So at the end I just take or too much or too nothing! Plus now I have Gabriel and the job is double and harder because he gets so pissed when we don't leave the house...he gets bored and crunky and he just want to stay at my neck and packing becomes just sooo much harder...how can I leave him there when he looks at me with big eyes craving my kisses and hugs?!??! I just take him!!! ♥ and I go nuts with the packing!  Ahah! Problem solved with some sushi for dinner (no cooking no time) and good champagne to celebrate the beginning of vacations! Tomorrow a looooong day of travelling is waiting for us! Destination: Algarve!
Now gotta go to sleep...for the next 3hours!
I will post from there!
Love u all!!!!
Xoxo Elisir

Xoxo Elisir


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