Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer trend: Belfie and other bikinis

Hello beloved!
I am so sorry it's some days I don't write but I had some rough time! Sometimes I wish someone invented a machine that could read the mind and transfer the thoughts into a blog post! Eheh! 

Going back to us, what happened is that the other day I fell from the stairs with my baby at my arms...you have no idea how scared I have got! We ended up to the hospital! Luckily nobody got hurt but how scared I got it's hard to explain! Gabriel, my baby is amazing. At the hospital he was just laughing and flirting with the blond doctor...! And me and my boyfriend we were saying to him: "sssh, Lindo, you are supposed to be sick here!" Impossible not to laugh! Thank god nobody got hurt, just some little black marks around our bodies!

Aaaand, going back to fashion and trends...apparently one of the biggest trend between the Vip entourage this summer is the Belfie! Which is a selfie of your B-side! You didn't shoot one yet!?!?! Too bad! Ahahahah! Don't be shy and get updated to the "fashion" flow! Anyway you can find many worst images on the Internet nowadays and I mean not just there! So everything's cool as long as you keep your panties on!!!

Here I am wearing a fantastic band bikini by Oysho! I love the brand, I have got many nice products there this summer! Have a look!
And a great day!
Xoxo Elisir 

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