Monday, July 20, 2015

Laziness, summer holidays and family time

Hello my friends!
A quick update from my holidays! First of all forgive the fact that in those days I am not posting so often but I have been busy enjoying my summer holidays! Eheh! Portugal is amazing and more amazing has been having my family here to share beautiful moments with! I am always thinking about writing and writing the blog in my mind but physically it's harder when it comes to combine big family meetings, visits of friends, all the attentions that my baby needs and my fingers typing on an iPad! Those with family will understand for sure! The best is going around all fashion with a Peppa Pig popping out of my bag! Ahaha! Traveling with kids is amazing but challenging at the same time. With my son so young we went to No Solo Agua in Praia da Rocha quite often. I love that spot, if you have kids I recommend it, and even if you don' t have kids! Salty water swimming pool, oyster bar inside the water, restaurant, DJs, restaurant, bar, and those amazing beds where you can lay and chill looking at the fantastic panorama towards Ferragudo. What else is better to really relax?
Curious? Have a look!
Xoxo Elisir 

Curious  about who's Peppa Pig? That's my son favourite at the moment!

Have a wonderful day!
Xoxo Elisir 


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