Saturday, May 2, 2015


Hei guys!
The last day of our holidays in Portugal we went to the famous town of Albufeira :-) I have been there before but maaaany years ago...!!! Ghghggggh!
The town is very famous for the beautiful beaches and the crazy night life. I remember I went there by bus, I walked along a nice street full of nice stores and then I was sitting with a friend of mine in a café on the beach and it was so nice :-) I begged Roberto to take me there once again. Apparently Albufeira is a big town and noooo way of finding that café of course! Ahah! Anyway we had breakfast in a restaurant with an amazing view! Obviously as soon as we sit down the sun left us and a cold wind came!!! Ahahah! The pic of Gabriel shows how interested he was...! Ahaha!!
Xoxo elisir


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