Wednesday, May 20, 2015

# Day 2 Milano. My evergreen

Hello everybody!
Look what I found this time in my Milano wardrobe!!! My flower silk dress! I bought it years ago and it's still so beautiful and actual! I use to say that is one of my evergreen!
Ther's something special about having clothes spread on different countries and it's that everytime I reach one of my "homes", jumping inside one of my wardrobe it's like jumping inside someone else closet! Since I forget what I have here and there, my research is full of surprises and discovers. Many times I find myself laughing and thinking "how could I wear something like this?!?!" But many other times it's just so nice to wear a piece I was in love with time ago :-)
The truth is I believe I have a different style depending on where I am at the moment!
More fun for me feeling like a child again looking inside my mother's closet!

DRESS ETHIC (older collection)
SANDALS ZARA (older collection)

Xoxo elisir

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