Thursday, June 21, 2012

Paisley Dress

Hello everybody! Such a long time I don't post anything, but that happened for a reason! I've been on holiday between Italy, Milan, my home town and Greece! I don't need to say it was paradise! :)) 
I'll write some post about the greek islands I've visited! This blog doesn't want to be just about fashion but about beauty, and eith beauty I mean anything that makes me love life!
But for the fashion addicted, as me :) , here one of my Milano's favourite outfits! The paislay dress!I bought it a couple of years ago in Zara and it's still very current!
Underneath some season's alternatives!

Buongiorno a tutti! Troppo tempo che non posto niente, ma ciò è successo per un motivo! Sono stata in vacanza tra Italia, Milano, la mia città natale e Grecia! Non ho bisogno di menzionare quanto tutto sia stato paradisiaco! :))
Scriverò i post relativi alle isole greche che ho visitato! Questo blog infatti non vuole trattare solo di fashion ma piuttosto di bellezza e con ciò intendo tutto ciò che mi fa amare la vita!
Ma per le fashion addicted come me :) qui uno dei miei outfit milanesi preferiti! Il vestito in stampa paislay! Acquistato un paio di anni fa da Zara ma ancora attualissimo!
Sotto alcune alternative!

Le alternative:
Zara dress

Zara paisley pants

Stella McCartney

Elisir :))


  1. My God ,Eli! You have this amazing sense of being elegant but in the same time so delicious . And for some strange reason you seem to be more and more beautiful. Maybe you did discover the elisir of life :):D I love your posts, keep up the great work!!

  2. Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaank you for your nice comments Erin!!! :))) you're always tooo nice! If I didn't discover the elisir of life yet, I'm on my way to find it (a loong way..!!!) :) what matters is never stop the research towards a quiet a peaceful soul. As a japanese samurai, hold the light in one hand and the sward in the other one. Muack!


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