Monday, August 24, 2015

Sharing a secret! My Summer Eau de Parfum

Good morning friends!
How are you? I hope you have had a great weekend! I feel a bit better :)
Today I want to share with you something very be honest usually I don`t like to tell people which kind of perfume I am wearing because I think that it`s a kind of secret. It`s a part of your way of being that belongs your personality. A perfume is something very personal that does not fit everybody the same way. Did you know that perfume reacts differently on people skin depending on people hormones? Unbelievable but true!
In any case, I would feel a total egoist not sharing with you how superlative is the new perfume I bought for this summer. It`s more than a perfume, this is a dream!!!! When I wear it I feel like I am walking in a fresh summer breeze, I feel I am in Paris, and I feel like I am the Woman of the year :)
Et voila`...I am talking about Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel, of course!
Whats`s the secret behind the Maison Chanel and their eau de parfum...I don`t know but it`s totally magic!
Something to wear whenever you want to feel wonderful!
Have a fantastic start of the week!
Xoxo Elisir
Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel

 Coco Mademoiselle: The Film - CHANEL

Check out the video! We love Keira! And... WHO IS THE PHOTOGRAPHER in the film?!? That`s how you want to feel! :))

Xoxo Elisir

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