Thursday, August 13, 2015

Orange Mood

Hello guys!
How are you? I am pretty tired because my baby is a bomb of energies! ahah!

Talking about bombs of energies...which one is the most energetic color for you? To me it`s orange! This color gives me a lot of positive energy and it`s a fresh color! Definitively a hit this summer and the next season! I have been around many stores the last days and it is everywhere! Absolutely something to buy now If you still find it on some product on sale ;)

To combine with light blue and white for the summer. I would go for red, senap and brown for the winter season :)

Do you like the set I made for you?! Get inspired and stay wired!!!

Xoxo Elisir

Orange Mood


  1. My favorite colors are red and Hot pink!! ahah when I feel down ther give me some joy and energie to carry on with the day :)

  2. Yeah! Red is amazing as well! Actually I wear red almost everyday! With my lipstick! Always red! Cannot leave without! Thanks for answering! xoxo


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