Thursday, March 8, 2012

Marni for H&M

8 Marzo, la festa della donna :) Per festeggiare finalmente troviamo la collezione di Marni da H&M! Questa mattina avrò tutto il tempo di fiondarmi in negozio dato che ho il turno di chiusura a lavoro, hihi!
Indecisa tra questi prodotti! Cosa suggerite?!?

8th March, the Women´s day :) To celebrate the Marni collection is finally at H&M! This morning I'll have all the time to visit the shop since I have the closing shift at work, hihi!
I can´t choose between all these products!What do you suggest?!?

Good shopping! :)


  1. I WOULD LOOOOOVEE to see you in that bathing suit Eli!!!

  2. ahahah!!!me too, but it was finished!I got something else...wait for the post! ;)


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